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Phoenix cancer surgeon and rock musician Robert “Doc” Wascher has just released his latest single, “You Can Never Rewind.” This new track is the sequel to Doc Wascher’s 2014 instrumental single, “Rewind.” Both of these rock tunes are published by Doc Wascher Records, an independent music label that exclusively publishes Doc Wascher’s music, and which frees Wascher from the constraints of the corporate music world and its mass-production approach to music.

A contemporary example of the legendary classic rock sound of the late 1960s and early ’70s, “You Can Never Rewind” boasts Doc Wascher’s haunting and compelling vocals and melodic guitars, as well as some of the most intuitive and evocative songwriting since that of Lennon & McCartney and Eric Burdon (The Animals).

Doc Wascher cites as his main artistic influences some of world’s most renowned founders of modern rock and roll music, including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, Led Zeppelin, the Ventures, the Eagles, Motown in general, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, post-Cream Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rush, Duane Eddy, the Animals, and Yes, among others.

As one might derive from such a distinguished list of rock royalty, Wascher’s own original music is steeped in what is commonly called the ‘classic-rock sound,’ which Wascher, himself, rightly considers to be the foundation of virtually all modern rock and roll and blues-rock. .

“I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s,” he writes, “listening to – and loving – blues and rock & roll music (what people now refer to as ‘classic rock’). ‘You Can Never Rewind’ speaks to the two intertwined themes of the transforming nature of love and the unstoppable passage of time in our lives, all set to a classic rock groove”

“You Can Never Rewind,” with its warm, flexing guitar tones that alternately growl and soar with the impact of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and Cream’s Eric Clapton, will take you on a musical journey that will impact both your ears and your heart. At a time when classic rock and blues aficionados believe that “all the good stuff has already been done,” Doc Wascher comes bursting out of the gate with a new song that vividly recalls the golden era of classic blues and rock music in the late 1960s and early ‘70s

“‘You Can Never Rewind’ reminds us all of the transforming power of love,” Wascher writes, “but it also reminds us of the reality that time is finite, and that time quickly passes all of us by.” While ancient philosophers wrote about these two interwoven realities of human existence, Doc Wascher has taken these existential themes and married them with a guitar-driven rock beat that will move both your heart and your feet at the same time.

“You Can Never Rewind” by Doc Wascher is now available from online music stores worldwide. Fans of melodic rock-blues will want to add this new release to their music collection and playlists without delay!

Also, don’t miss the official video preview for “You Can Never Rewind!” (link provided below).


“You Can Never Rewind” by Doc Wascher –





“Rewind” by Doc Wascher –





Music Video Preview –




Doc Wascher’s Bio –

In addition to his classic blues-rock compositions and recordings, Robert “Doc” Wascher is an internationally renowned cancer surgeon and professor of surgery. Dr. Wascher is also the author of the popular book, “A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race,” which is often referred to as the ‘Bible of Cancer Prevention’ for lay readers.

By day, Dr. Wascher is the Chief of Surgery at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the Phoenix, Arizona area. By night, Doc Wascher is a passionate rock-and-roll composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist who channels a 40-year love affair with classic rock and blues music into his own original compositions and recordings.

In 2014, Robert “Doc” Wascher released his debut single, “Rewind,” which is an instrumental guitar-and-keyboard rocker that evokes the classic-rock guitar sounds of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, the Ventures and Duane Eddy.

“You Can Never Rewind,” Doc Wascher’s latest release, is the follow-up to “Rewind” and features Doc Wascher on vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and bass guitar.



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